Garnì Castel Ferari

The territory

The natural park Adamello Brenta is the biggest protected area of Trentino. It is located in the West of Trentino, and with its 620.,51 square kilometer, includes the most important mountaint of Adamello and Brenta. The mountains are located among Rendena valley, Non valley, Sole valley and Giudicarie valleys. The park includes 48 lakes, and the Adammello glacier, one of the biggest glacier in Europe.
In the centre of the valley, there is the Tovel lake, with its clear water, that takes blue and green shades. Once, untill the Sixties, the Tovel lake became red in summer, thanks to a special kind of microscopic weed (always known as Glenodinium sanguineum, that now has taken the name Tovéllia sanguinea), and it was a natural work of art, unique in the world. Unfortunately, now these weeds are less than in the past, and the lake do not take anymore its typical red colour.
The Tovel valley is a key point for tourist, and it is the starting point for hikes in the area of the lake, in the Dolomiti of Brenta, and in the Adamello-Brenta natural park.